January seems to have an interesting effect on people, at least from what I’ve been hearing lately.

“I feel heavy, out of shape, and totally overwhelmed.”

“I don’t know how to change.”

“I can’t get into a workout routine.”

Getting fit involves the right mindset as much as the right workout. Even the most together people can struggle with getting into a healthy routine. When you feel frustrated and don’t know how to start, here are a few steps that have helped me get unstuck.

Group fitness

1. Make Your Bed

There’s something about creating an island of order and neatness when you feel like you’re in an ocean of chaos. Whether it’s the only neat thing in your room or in your cluttered head, making your bed allows you to start the day with calmness and organization.

2. Sing Loud!

Blast your favorite tunes and sing! Showers, cars, bedrooms are all great venues for letting the rhythm flow from your diaphragm through your body. Let your feet keep the beat and don’t worry how you sound. Put on a song that gets out your anger or fear or frustration and you may start feeling alive, strong, and sexy.

3. Move

You must move! This is not negotiable. No thinking, no debating, no listing all the reasons you can’t. You must move! We hold angst and fear and irritability in our bodies. We need to move to release the sludge we build up when life happens. Whether you feel like you can barely move or you never want to stop, start here. Log into GrooveAnywhere and pick from Level 1 to Level 3 . No matter what, move!

4. Sport Your Favorite Outfit

Dressing in a way that shows respect for your body and image is important. Wear that dress, that suit, those shoes, that shiny lip gloss. Whatever raises your confidence and shows that you’re worth more than your inner voice would have you believe is a good choice.

5. Smile

I know you don’t feel like it. But, believe it or not, if you fake it, your body starts to believe it. We actually undergo a physiological change when we give ourselves happy cues. In fact, according to Psychologist Robert Zajonc, “There is now compelling evidence that smiling causes people to feel happy.” It’s free and quick. Try it out.

6. Do Something for Someone Else

Getting out of your own head is the best medicine for kicking the blues. When we think about someone else and truly show up to be of service, our self-centered thinking dissipates. Suddenly we realize we are not the only ones with worries, stress and needs. Lend a hand and shift the focus.

Take these steps, one at a time, and you’ll be back in your Groove.